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DecoHot is targeted towards the Interior Designer professionals and the public in general who is in search of ideas, products and services to decorate or remodel a house, office or bussiness.

Ad Types:

Deco Hot offers you a variety of ad types from which to chose:

486×60 Exclusive Ad

Banner 486×60

The 486×60 ad appears on top of every single page in DecoHot, below the site’s title and slogan. Only one spot is available for this type of banner and you will own the spot for the duration of the purchase. The cost of such ad spot is $100 per month, a major saving to you compare to the cost per impressions for traditional advertising. Animated GIFs and Flash are permitted, however, they may not contain sounds of any kind. Maximum size of file: 20kB.

To place your ad at the 486×60 Exclusive banner, send your banner to, along with your payment through Paypal for the ammount of $100 dollars

300×250 Rotation Ad

Box 300×250

The 300×250 box appears on every single page of the site, embeded with the content at the uppermost edge of the page. This ad rotates with a maximum of 9 other advertising boxes, it guaranties a greater number of views per month. To double the exposure or view is possible at an additional $50. Such box cannot be bigger in size than 30kB. Animated GIFs and Flash allowed, however, they can’t have any kind of sound.

If you’re interested in the 300×250 Box Rotation, send your ad to, and a payment through Paypal for the amount of $50 dollars

Feature Site Sponsorship

Feature Site Sponsorship is a text link located on the sidebar, which appears on every page in DecoHot. The link includes the title of your site (with a link to your URL), the URL of your site (linked as well), and a small description of your site. Pricing for every link is $30 per month per link.

If you’re interested in the Feature Site Sponsorship text link ad, send your ad (containing the title of your site, your URL, and a description of your site) to, and a payment through Paypal for the ammount of $30 dollars

Get Reviewed By DecoHot!

Featured Reviews boasts product, websites, magazines, or kind any kind of service you provide, and guarantees you a minimum of 12 hours at the front page of our site. There will be disclosure that it is a Featured Review. Pricing per review is $50.

If you’re interested in the Featured Review, send us an Email containing information about your product or service, how to access it (URL for example) to, and a payment through Paypal for the ammount of $50