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Maximalism at the highest expression. It will for sure get to be the central focus of a space… would you consider using it in your home space?

It is so important to be aware of our design impact. In order to help to be consistent to the global warming awareness, lets keep in mind these Points:

1. Let´s find livable Communities. Consider how will impact that new development to the wild life and to nature in general. To redevelop existing sites, structures and infrastructures. Try to develop pedestrian and bicycle friendly walk-ways. Draw open spaces and green ways.

2. Design thinking in the future, keep in mind future needs. Design flexibly, so that it will be easy to expand. Use modular planning and flexible modular infrastructure.

3. Protect and restore Water Resources. Use natural storm-water treatment. Design the site to limit disruption with the existing vegetated areas. Use vegetated roof-tops to purify run-offs and promote ground water to recharge.

4. Start Improving Energy Efficiency and make sure  of  Thermal Comfort
By improving  building´s envelope and developing passive solar strategies we can reduce energy demand.     A good energy analysis will help us to define our design.  Use daylighting as much as possible.   And high-efficiency electric lighting and smart controls.

5.  Consider alternative energy sources. Explore other sources  to reduce the use of fosil fuels.  Consider cogeneration, solar heating systems, fuel cells, photovoltaics,  explore how you can use green power.

6. Promote health inside the buildings.  By having natural ventilation to upgrade indoor air quality.

7.  Water conservation and reutilization.  Consider collecting rainwater. Reuse of gray water for non potable purposes.

8. Use non poluting materials in your construction sites.  Use non toxic materials. Minimize waste and pollution from manufacturing, installations and maintenance. Use materials you find in nature like wood.

9. Use native plant species to  reduce maintenance and irrigation requirements.

10. Recycle during Construction.  The use of collection bins in every floor will help organize  contractors  to manage waste material in a proper way.

The article refers to a tour taken through the  U.S. Green Building Council’s, as an orientation for the future office space design. The tour gave the NCIDQ team new ideas on how to contribute to the “greening” of their new space.

The staff was impressed with the ability to see out the windows from almost every space in the office. They loved the natural light flooding into the open workstations. It think that it is healthier for the workpeople to work under natural light and breath fresh, clean air, and to have a nice view  of the vegetation that surrounds the building.  Is not it refreshing to work in such a nicer way?

To ensure a sustainable workplace is a job we all can do.

I find it praiseworthy to go green.  It is so important to take care of our sick world. Global warming can not be taken superficially.  We all have to contribute to decrease the harm caused.

Our children deserve to inherited a healthy environment.  So any step we take to start diminishing global warming problems, are worth. That is why I find it so praiseworthy to start getting green in our designs.  Lead our clients, colleagues, students, family to green building.  Let´s start with our own bussinesses, offices and buildings.

We have to be aware that this is the best way to save the world for future generations.  And we have to deal with it in a creative way and  with decission.