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You can open holes wherever you want, and add a special plant to your table. It is a very interesting concept that fullfills the go green feeling.

Maximalism at the highest expression. It will for sure get to be the central focus of a space… would you consider using it in your home space?

To design a small apartment is a big challenge. We have to be aware that for small spaces the best is to choose small pieces that have more open design. As the loveseat in the following picture, it has exposed legs. We can complement it with two arm chairs and a round metal coffee table. The space will look fabulous.


For a quick rest: “Leaning seating”

Might be useful for the streets.

A proactive way of seating. They are fun, and if you try to cross your leg, use your tummy muscles to avoid tipping over

The main idea of the beam rocker is that seating is a collaboration between chair and human, seating on these rockers is an activity requiring alertness, not just a matter of plopping down.

These Inflatable seating, gives you a back rest when open, better than a beambag.

A new design, this corian tete a tete rocker, works like a seesaw, seating on it becomes a partnership between you and the other.

The Export and Investment Promotion Corporation of Ecuador was moving its offices to new premises. And request us to design the new interiors.

The idea was to create a cafeteria that stand out the main objective of the corporation, which is to provide support to exports of quality products from Ecuador and work to attract foreign investment to the country.

Keeping in mind that the gold era for ecuadorian exports was in the early 1900. We decided to recreated an early 1900 cafeteria.

We look in history books, research and found out that during that period, there was a big influence from french customs. Ecuadorians followed french trends in their clothing, furniture and buildings.

We started designing keeping that in mind.

To build the cabinets doors, we followed the french door designs, used in early 1900.

The color palette was choose, after a detailed search in historic files to make sure those were the colors used in those early years.


To add more vivid recreation we painted the scenery of a nearby river. Go give some kind of a refreshing feeling to the design.

We recreated the french furniture used at cafeterias and ice cream parlors in the beginning of the 20th century.


The use of pictures and murals place the visitors in time.

We also pay special attention to the entrance doors, which were built and painted keeping in mind the materials and colors used in that time.


1. Use lighter soft colors, as they will reflect better light. That does not mean to have all the walls painted in white. There are all sorts of lighter pastel colors. Once you picked your walls colors, then you should pick the paint for the moldings. They should be lighter. The lighter tone will look closer making the walls to look more distant, giving the feeling of a larger space.

2. Use mirrors, they reflect day light as well as night light in a wonderfull way.

3. Arrange furniture in angles. The longest straight line is the diagonal, in placing your sofa in a diagonal leads the eye into the longer dimenssion, rather then to the smaller wall. And you will have an extra storage space behind the sofa.

4. Keep the furniture in scale with the room.

5. Use multifunction furniture, will optimize the use of space.


To design a small apartment is a big challenge.  We have to be aware that for small spaces the best is to choose small pieces that have more open design.  As the loveseat in the following picture, it has exposed legs.  We can complement it with two arm chairs and a round metal coffee table.   The space will look fabulous.

The forms found in nature, like old-growth tree roots. These teak roots are resting on stainless steel basis.

This table contrasts colors will make a very special effect in your space.

Be creative using it!!!

It is a wonderful mix of austerity and comfort with an inveting cushion. Metal hand made base.

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