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Browsing in Office

This project was a challenge. It is an Exports and Investments Promotion Corporation.

The executives here work under lots of stress.

So we thought it might be nice to give them an oasis of calm.

So we decided to create a green isle under the stairway.

To recreate the environment we used visual and sound elements.

The sound of water was perfect to sooth the work tensions. So we created a small, relaxed fountain… that look like a continuation from the river stream from the mural behind.

We even created two real sized trees, that where decorated with different varieties of orchids.


If you can not afford to designate a room in your home as a work area, consider converting a closet. This natural space affords one great feature: Your special area can be easily hidden by closing a door. For those who work at home, converting their “spare room” closet into a compact office area by building in all the required amenities can save both dollars and space. And do not forget to save a small area of the closet for Mom and Dad to hang their clothes.