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In your family room, the perfect set up for your Christmas tree, or special ornaments will be a sky with stars.

You can combine two techniques to achieve this wonderfull piece of art. You can first start with the rag-out, to give the background effect then, by spotting you will create the stars.

REgarding the colors, be creative…!!! You can trie mixing different tones in a pieces of paper or cardboard…before applying them to your wall….

It is easy, you can do it in a couple of hours. And is going to give you lots of fullfillment.

If you want to check the step by step application of the
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What wall, ceiling and floor coverings are we going to choose?

Let´s keep in mind and choose the ones that are easy to keep clean.

We have to consider as well the materials that won´t chipped, peeled, mildewed, cracked or deteriorated in any way.

Colors match must be satisfactory.

Think of a theme and design the rest of the bathroom around it.

Shop keeping in mind the theme you picked.

For example if your theme is minimalistic. Let´s pick modern models, simple lines, made out of clean materials.


Once you have picked your theme than it will be easy to choose all the materials as well as the Fixtures, Fittings and Hardware.

If our house in general belongs to a more classical style and we want to keep on with the same theme in the guest bathroom. We will pick more elaborate pieces.

The countertop finish is made out of marble. A long lasting easy to mantain material. That suites well this style. The touch of the brillant color gives accent to the space.
We can also choose a decorated lavatory, which will become the focus of the environment. Its elaborated design will give a defenitive character to the decoration.


Let´s keep in mind that the pieces that we choose will contribute to the bathroom environment look.

First of all think if the space you already have is enough for your needs. If not, try incorporating surrounding areas such as closets or walkways into the new bathroom. The results might be great!!!

Choose a palette of colors and stick to it.


Choose a style and be consistent with it.


An exciting alternative to plain paint or wallpaper, many of the finishes are extremely practical. They are perfect for uneven walls, or to give a new treatment to an old scheme or they can add a touch of class to ordinary furniture.

We will go through every step of every technique, from the easiest ones to the more complicated ones. For beginners: sponging, ragging, colorwashing and spatter painting. The rangdom appearance makes them ideal for a first attempt since small irregularities tend not to show.

Dragging, stippling and combing are just some more of the more adventurous finishes.

Stenciling gets the importance it deserves, we willl go through full size patterns so that you will make your own stencils.



water color 3JPG



haciendo un sello



4 color





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It is a big challeange to design a small bathroom, where we won´t have enough space. So it is very important to plan ahead everything in order to make everything fit properly. Keep in mind to work with small scale fixtures, pieces and accesories.

Be clever as to select only the necessary items and make the most of it. Use every single inch of space you would have. Optimize the use of space, with drawers doors, shelves, lots of place to put away things.

Regarding colors let´s keep it clear, dark colors make rooms smaller. Let´s use pastel or white palette colors. Mirrors will help to make the space grow.

Here some ideas of a small bathroom I decorate myself.


I used a wall to wall and countertop to ceiling mirror, which reflects the rest of the space making it to appear bigger.

Lots of light, and shelves on the side of the lavatory. The countertop follows the lavatory shape, and its dimenssions are the minimal expression of functionality. It is just the size you will need to use it in a functional way.

We also analyzed the size of the shower before we built it to make sure that it will be functional and will fit just fine in our little space.

The wall colors are white. The tone of the wood used in the lavatory furniture add an elegant feeling to the evironment.

The result a very functional little bathroom!!!

This project was a challenge. It is an Exports and Investments Promotion Corporation.

The executives here work under lots of stress.

So we thought it might be nice to give them an oasis of calm.

So we decided to create a green isle under the stairway.

To recreate the environment we used visual and sound elements.

The sound of water was perfect to sooth the work tensions. So we created a small, relaxed fountain… that look like a continuation from the river stream from the mural behind.

We even created two real sized trees, that where decorated with different varieties of orchids.

When decorating your house, let´s start by analizing the stronger points in your house. For instance, we can take advantage of a nice view.


Or, if we do not have any outstanding characteristic, we can create a focal point.

In this particular project, the use of a water mirror created a new rich scenery. In a desert area the use of the water element to get a refreshing feeling, plus the aesthetic effect of the reflections. The options are endless…


The secret is to follow the principles of design: Line, Form, Scale, Pattern, Texture and Color.

Edges, corners and decorative features create an abundance of lines. The bathroom will feel more integrated and harmonious if these elements align as much as possible.

For instance the top of the door creates an horizontal line, if there is a window or tall cabinet in the room, the design will be smoother if the top edges line up with the top line of the door molding. When it is not possible to align the elements you can still create a unified feeling by introducing a line of tiles or a strip or molding to tie the elements.

Form, it relates to this shape and structure of various elements in design. Rectangular forms dominate most bathrooms, but in order to be harmonious, their proportions must be similar.


This principle is an expression of relative size. The size of the fixtures must be proportional to the size of the room.

Is the ordered regularity of the elements of design. In most bathrooms the goal is to strike a balance between too much of the same pattern and too many different ones. One apporach is to reduce pattern to a bare minimum by using mostly plain materials.


Most bathroom textures – the visual and tactile surface of all of the materials used- are smooth for durability and easy cleaning , but even smooth surfaces can vary. Consider the differences to the touch among polished wood, glazed tile, porcelain and glass. Think about texture when you choose all of your materials.


Where do you start? If there are permanent materials in the bathroom, such as a blue tub, start with that color and build a scheme around it. You can also build a color scheme around a fabric or wallcovering or a painting that you want to include in the bathroom.

There are many ways to use Asian influence in our Interior Decorating Project. There are some decorating Tips that might be useful:


Japanese influence. Shoji Screens, wooden frames with lattice designs. The cutouts are filled with rice paper. We can find plain or heavily design ones. We can use them to divide an open space of just for decoration purposes.


Kotatsu Table. a rectangular dark wood table with a heather in the center. It is consider in Japan, to be the emotional center of the home.


Goza Mats, woven straw matts with colored borders. They are made out of two layers, one out of staw and the other the borders of soft reed.


Gong. They come in different sizes. Choose the one in proportion with your home space. If you do not have a big room you can still use a hanging gong, they are usually 12″ in diameter and come with a Mallet to hit on the Gong.


Chinses Caligraphy is also another choice.


And as far as colors we can stick to black, white, off white and neutrals, cue from nature.

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