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In your family room, the perfect set up for your Christmas tree, or special ornaments will be a sky with stars.

You can combine two techniques to achieve this wonderfull piece of art. You can first start with the rag-out, to give the background effect then, by spotting you will create the stars.

REgarding the colors, be creative…!!! You can trie mixing different tones in a pieces of paper or cardboard…before applying them to your wall….

It is easy, you can do it in a couple of hours. And is going to give you lots of fullfillment.

If you want to check the step by step application of the
above mentioned techniques go to Painting Courses

Are you thinking of redecorating your place but you are not sure whether to use paint or wallpaper?

Both can add a great effect in the decoration of your home, it depends on how you choose to use them.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of both of them:


Lower cost
Easy to apply
It can be used to draw attention to a feature
It can be used to disguise a feature
It needs less preparation time
It can hide poor condition walls
By using the right technique it can add warmth, character, and beauty to a place
There is no limit of what you can do with the proper painting techniques

Oil based paint dry slow
It needs a long drying time between coats.
It has a tendency to run
You can add texture



It will last longer than paint (10-15 years)
It can last five times longer than paint under normal conditions, making it a very economical choice
It will save you over 30 percent of your repainting costs


It may be harder to do than painting
It exaggerates any wall imperfections
It is difficult to remove
It takes more the time to apply it
In humid conditions, the glue may loosen and can actually cause the wallpaper to peel from the wall
It is also easily soiled and damaged.
Over time it can be nearly impossible to match the colour or pattern of your wallpaper should it become damaged and need replacing.
This can be overcome by keeping a few spare rolls when you first wallpaper but be aware that the wallpaper already on the walls may look faded in comparison to the new rolls thanks to fading by the sun over time. Wallpaper is also costly to replace.

Get rid of boring walls with all this new textured wallpapers.

This looks like wood work… will enhance any room in your house… it´s great!

como maderitas

For a special corner… you want to add colorful brightness…


Great design… very elegant and modern… they come in different colors and matches…

con terciopelo

Keep in mind how you are going to combine it with your furniture…
in this case it is a monochromatic composition and the result is just wonderful.


Wallpapers come in different colors, with amazing patterns and in the most eco-friendly materials. They can create the most amazing effects in a space…


Even artistical forms. Don´t you love them?
weird forms

It will add a sophistication look.


With heavy texture…

tecnica del peinado

and even 3d designs
flores 3d